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Pranava Yoga Center is built on a foundation of the ancient and traditional practices of Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga. At Pranava, there is a focus on cultivating deep awareness and connection in the body, mind, and spirit. While the instructors hold the traditions close and believe in living a yogic lifestyle, we can also be a little rebellious at times. We are fun and light-hearted, but also disciplined, professional, dedicated, passionate, compassionate, inspirational, and hardworking. We firmly believe that a higher state of well-being can be attained through a steady yoga practice. Pranava Yoga Center instructors are passionate about extending the teachings of yoga and are ourselves dedicated practitioners and students of yoga for life. We take our yoga practice off the mat and into our daily lives. We encourage students to see the world from another perspective. We have the ability to help students grow in their yoga practice, and we motivate students to find their own inspiration from within.



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Schedule Changes  
Be sure to check the schedule for important updates and changes starting in April! 
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Charity for Sunday 8am Donation Class

You generous yogis and yoginis raised $400.00 for CASA of the Pikes Peak Region through Pranava Yoga Center's Sunday 8am Donation class from January through March! THANK YOU!

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Please meet the Yeakey family (Royal and Kerri pictured). All donations from our Sunday 8am Donation class from April through June will go to support this family's medical expenses. Here is the Yeakey family's story in Kerri's words:
"Our son Royal has PANDAS, an autoimmune disease, and is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We started perusing Biomedical interventions over two years ago with the help of a specialist doctor. It took countless labs, supplements, diet changes, and many treatment trials to find some relief. His PANDAS symptoms returned with a vengeance and he suffered through the winter months. He would tell us his brain hurt, he didn't want go to school anymore, his OCD became unmanageable and his tics more apparent, he became aggressive and his school work regressed as his functioning level within the classroom became more overwhelming.
What is PANDAS?
PANDAS is an acronym for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infection. It is an autoimmune condition initially triggered by strep infections, which disrupts a child's normal neurologic activity. PANDAS occurs when the immune system produces antibodies intended to fight an infection and instead mistakenly attacks healthy tissue in the child's brain, resulting in inflammation of the brain (basal ganglia section) and inducing a sudden onset of movement disorders, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and abnormal neurologic behaviors.
In February of 2018, we reviewed labs with Royal's doctor and he was diagnosed Immune Deficient. We have been referred to an Immunologist in Denver for IVIG treatment. IVIG is an intravenous blood product (the immunoglobulin element of donor's blood) that is regularly given to children and adults alike who have certain immune deficiencies. We have decided to pursue this path for recovery for our son Royal to restore his immune system. The cost of IVIG is roughly $10,000 or more. All the interventions we have pursued with the help of our doctor come out of pocket for our family. This path has not been easy, it is lonely, scary, and heartbreaking to watch our son regress with illness due to PANDAS. We are beyond grateful for donations, kind words, positive energy, and thoughts for our son's healing."
Children's Yoga with Omtastic Yoga at Pranava! 
Join Omtastic Yoga at Pranava Yoga Center on Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-5pm for Children's Yoga (ages 3-9)! While you're here, enjoy a class of your own with the PYC crew at the same time!
Hethyr on Living Local  
Hethyr was invited on to Living Local, a Fox21 morning show, to talk about Pranava Yoga Center and the Chakra workshop series. Check out this great segment! 

Teacher Training

Our 200-Hour and 300-Hour Teacher Training Programs for 2018 are underway! Our next programs (both 200-Hour and 300-Hour) begin in 2019. Check out the 200-Hour Teacher Training page and the 300-Hour Teacher Training page for more information.

Meet our 2018 200-Hour Teacher Trainees!
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Meet our 2018 300-Hour Teacher Trainees!

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Teacher Feature

Briana I.
Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate
Tuesdays, 6pm
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1) As Yoga teachers, many of us practice both at home and in the studio. What aspects of a studio practice are most important to you and why?
The most important aspect to me is the community. The opportunity to learn from each other and share our experiences is priceless.
2) What does the perfect day look like to you?
Being present in each and every moment.

3) Which Sanskrit mantra/chant currently speaks to you and why?
Om Shanti. It reminds me that the presence of peace is always there.

4) What's your favorite holiday (official or not) and what traditions do you have that surround it?
My favorite "holiday" is celebrating the lunar calendar. Using it as a time to set intentions and letting go.

5) What is the number one thing that keeps you coming back to your yoga practice?
It allows me to connect to the body, mind, and Self.


Pranava Yoga Center
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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."
~ Buddha

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First time to Pranava?
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For seven consecutive days, experience as many different class styles and instructors as you would like. This offer is available to all new customers, both local and out-of-town. Show up at the studio when you are ready to start your free week!

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Focus of the Month

Your Mind on Yoga
Topic chosen & article written by Jessica La.

One of the most comprehensive teachings in the vast realm of yoga philosophy comes from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, 1.2 "Yogas chitta vritti nirodhah," meaning "Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind." It seems simple: to achieve a state of yoga, or union, one must learn to still the mind. However, as anyone with a mind knows, finding even a modicum of peace from unyielding fluctuations of the mind is a challenge to say the least, one that requires patience galore and an overarching understanding of how the mind works.

Through the process of intense self-observation and metacognition, ancient yogis deciphered a grand map to the human mind, defining the mind's four primary functions: manas, chitta, ahamkara, and buddhi. Manas is the reactionary, primitive brain that interacts with the external world by taking information in from the senses to make immediate judgments and behaviors. Chitta, our memory bank, includes both conscious and unconscious impressions and experiences and provides an orientation of where we've come from, where we are, and where we are going. Ahamkara, meaning "I-am-ness," is the individual sense of self, or the ego as one might call it in contemporary times. With self-preservation as its primary concern, ahamkara provides a person's identity and is responsible for creating feelings of separation and alienation. Buddhi is the highest aspect of the mind, the decision maker. It takes in information from the higher self, the internal world, which it uses to judge, discriminate, and decipher.

By knowing these four aspects of the mind and through the observation of your thinking, you can use the mind as a barometer to measure what has been thrown out of balance. For example, if you often experience road rage, through mindful self-observation, you might understand that reactionary manas is overtaking the other functions of the mind. Using this knowledge, the next time you are cut off in traffic, you can pause, take a breath, examine the whole situation, and employ buddhi to make a choice on how you want to react in the situation. Changing small behaviors in this manner is a first step to altering the course of your life.

The mind is one of many places where ancient yoga philosophy and science have begun to merge. Consistent and mindful choices on how you react and respond to what life has thrown in your direction can actually lead to the rewiring in the brain's structure. This concept of a malleable brain is known as neuroplasticity. Neuroploasticity not only enables people to recover from stroke, brain injuries, ADHD, depression, OCD behavior, and addictions, but it can be employed on a day-to-day basis with intention to redirect behaviors. Isn't this the true aim of yoga? To realize that you have the power within to mold any and all parts of your life in order to become your absolute best self. You can literally reshape your mind in the same manner that you shape your body into asanas. And it is through this sense of union, of all aspects of yourself working in tandem, that the mind loses its inner turmoil and stills. Ta-da: Yoga. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be."

~Wayne W. Dyer

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