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Pranava Yoga Center is built on a foundation of the ancient and traditional practices of Patanjali's eight-limbed path of yoga. At Pranava, there is a focus on cultivating deep awareness and connection in the body, mind, and spirit. While the instructors hold the traditions close and believe in living a yogic lifestyle, we can also be a little rebellious at times. We are fun and light-hearted, but also disciplined, professional, dedicated, passionate, compassionate, inspirational, and hardworking. We firmly believe that a higher state of well-being can be attained through a steady yoga practice. Pranava Yoga Center instructors are passionate about extending the teachings of yoga and are ourselves dedicated practitioners and students of yoga for life. We take our yoga practice off the mat and into our daily lives. We encourage students to see the world from another perspective. We have the ability to help students grow in their yoga practice, and we motivate students to find their own inspiration from within.



Pranava Yoga Center is currently offering two weekly IN-PERSON classes at Bonforte Park. All other classes are currently being offered ONLINE only.

Please click here for instructions for accessing online classes and instructions for attending Yoga in the park.

Latest Studio News

Back-to-School Specials


Whether it's back-to-school online, in-person, or some sort of hybrid, Yoga can help you manage stress and anxiety, so take advantage of some great specials throughout the month of September!

Class packs are limited to one each per customer. All packages have a 3-month expiration from the date of purchase.

Yoga in the Park!

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While there are still a few factors preventing us from opening the studio doors, we are craving in-person interaction just as much as many of you, so we've decided to offer a couple of in-person classes at Bonforte Park each week while the weather allows.

We ask that you stay home if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms of illness, if you have had contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID, or if you are at higher risk for severe illness. We are still offering all of our other weekly classes online and live-streamed for your comfort and convenience.

Classes at Bonforte Park (2323 N. Wahsatch):

· Tuesdays, 9-10am, Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate
· Sundays, 10-11am, Vinyasa Beginner/Intermediate

Click here for instructions for attending Yoga at the Park. We hope to see you there!

Teacher Training

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
We're now accepting applications for PYC's Winter 2021 200-Hour Teacher Training Program! To request an application, email info@pranavayogacenter.com or call 719-444-8463.
300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Our 300-Hour program is underway! Our next 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training Program begins in 2022.
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"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."
~ Buddha

Focus of the Month

Embracing the Unknown
Topic Chosen and Article Written by Hethyr P.

jon cemetary.jpg

 Jon hesitantly embracing the Unknown in a cemetery near Leadville, CO.

Have you ever been afraid of trying something new only to find out you thoroughly enjoyed it instead? Maybe it was a food you didn’t think you’d like, a new class you tried only because a pestering friend insisted, or an experience of which you were at first terrified.

Thirteen years ago, Jon and I went on a trip with some friends to Costa Rica. While there were many new-to-me experiences during that vacation, one that stands out in my mind is the zip line tour we decided to do one day. I was terrified of heights at the time but I’d been talked into trying two of the “test” lines that were only about 10-15 feet off of the ground. I conquered them with (not so?) flying colors and was somehow bamboozled into signing up for the whole enchilada. The first non-test line soared to hundreds of feet off the jungle floor with an amazing view of Volcán Arenal. I put on my “big-girl panties” (as my friend Dottie would say) and proceeded to join my friends in this insane activity. I was off and flying high about halfway across the first expansive line when I very gradually came to a complete halt because, apparently, I wasn’t heavy enough to make it all the way. But because I was strong enough, they made me spin my body around so I was backwards and head-first down the line and haul myself the rest of the way using a hand-over-hand-on-the-cable technique. It was terrifying... and exhilarating and hilarious! After that experience, my fear of heights is gone. I might be a bit smarter about them than when I was a kid (oh, my poor mother!), but now I just have a healthy appreciation for staying away from the edge unless I’m harnessed. ;)

There have certainly been many other times in my life that I’ve taken a leap of faith and soared off the edge into the Unknown - figuratively speaking, of course! And more often than not, I’ve discovered that most of my fears were unfounded. In fact, I’ve found that if I face those fears head-on, they usually disappear and wonder and excitement take their place.

It seems to me that so far, 2020 has been just one big, constant Unknown, but then again, isn’t all of life, really? We may operate under the illusion that we are somehow in control, but it is really just that - an illusion. But I do believe we have a choice in how we show up...a choice in how we move through this crazy Unknown called life. We can choose to live in fear and stay inside of our safety zone (also an illusion) or we can turn each day, each moment into an adventure. I’ve always been up for a good adventure. How about you?

 *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *     *

“There is freedom waiting for you
on the breezes of the sky
and you ask, 'What if I fall?’
Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

~ Erin Hanson

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