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I wish I could give more stars.

I'd tried yoga before I went to Pranava, but this is the place that got me hooked, and I will NEVER be the same.

Pranava is amazing for beginners because the owners are really jovial, encouraging, and have memorized your name by your second class. They always ask you how your body is and remember what's going on in your life. Also, you can find a picture of yourself doing postures on the community wall and suddenly you realize you're part of something.

But what's interesting is that for the highly-trained yogi, PYC is a way to take it up to a finer, more spiritual notch. It's clear by their health, kindess, and the graceful way they hold themselves that Charlotte and Mike REALLY live by what they teach. They don't just teach physically challenging classes that will give you exercise. They are leaders of living gracefully and role models to emulate.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Beautiful Pranava Yoga Center for making me a better person!


  • Lauren R.

Sonoma, CA


I took advantage of the free week here and now I'm kicking myself because I can't afford to go regularly - they were amazing!! The owners and the instructors were so welcoming and nonjudgmental - you can go at your own pace and they encourage you and help you through each of the poses. I loved the morning classes with the sun coming up in the middle of class - you feel good for entire day after one of those. If I could afford it I would go all the time.


  • Katie S.

Fountain, CO





From the moment you walk through the door you feel at home.

My wife has been practicing yoga for a number of years and finally convinced me join her for a class at Pranava. After hearing her speak so highly about everyone there, I had very high expectations. I wasn't let down. Mike is quite possibly the kindest and most welcoming person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. First timers are given a week of classes for free so you have the option of taking classes from a variety of instructors.

For my first class I took Dharma yoga with the owner Mike. I've done a limited amount of yoga in the past (mostly p90X). My initial interest in yoga was linked to the physical practice. I lift weights, run, and mountain bike multiple times per week, and looked to this as another outlet for keeping fit. I quickly found that Pranava focuses not only on the physical, but also on the mental and spiritual side of the practice. The classes are lighthearted, fun, and challenging for someone at any skill level. I was even able to pull off some less than spectacular inversions during my first class thanks to the personalized instruction that Mike offers to all of his students.

I have since returned for several more classes and plan to make yoga a regular part of my weekly routine. I highly suggest stopping by for a class.


  • Brian L.

Colorado Springs, CO


I`m new to the area and recently started practicing here. I love coming here. The staff is wonderful, each has something to bring to the classes, and they all really make an effort to get to know you. I like that they have such a variety of instructors because each contributes a little bit to my practice. Oh yeah and they have classes frequently, so there`s always a way to squeeze in a class. I may be biased (because I just love yoga) but this place is awesome!



  • Elizabeth P.

Colorado Springs, CO



Most fun I've ever had in a yoga class. I felt comfortable right when i walked in. Mike laughs , plays , and doesn't take anything too seriously. I learned a lot in one class with him. I've taken that experience with me and apply it to my practice every time I do yoga. Did my 1st head stand there too. Can't wait to go back to Colorado Springs!


  • wil-dog a.

Los Angeles, CA




As an out of town guest I don't expect to take advantage of "1st week free" promos. But PYC insisted so I enjoyed another complimentary yoga class on my CO vacation. Lisa's Vinyasa Express class was exceptional, superb flows and helpful corrections. The small, lunchtime class was very intimate and not intimidating at all. When I return to Colorado Springs I will definitely attend another yoga class at PYC!


  • Bridget G.

Titusville, FL



These guys are ausome, friendly and acomadatimg. Localy owned not a corporate chain! They make yoga available to all level of practitioner. I am totally addicted to yoga now. Thank you Mike and Charlotte.



  • Justin E.

Cañon City, CO



I took my first ever yoga class today at Pranava and I can't stop raving about it. I'm overweight and out of shape, but Mike made me feel right at home. I felt more at peace and tranquil than I have in such a long time. I'm pretty sure I will be sore in a few days, but I can't wait until my next visit!


  • Maggie H.

Peyton, CO







Just a quick fan note to tell you how much I appreciated your class yesterday. I've felt a little distant from my practice lately, and your class was so fun, challenging and inspiring, it's given me a lot to chew on moving forward. So, thanks. I'll definitely drop by whenever I'm in town! My best, -MG (11/26/2011)




Hi Mike!

Not only did I looooooove every minute of your class on Saturday, but I wanted to let you know that I was very inspired by your personal story about becoming a teacher, the 8 limbs, and the journey and courage it takes to live what you are teaching. I loved your story about quitting smoking, and it hits home with changes I have and continue to take for myself and my students. I have always lived sort of a "double existance" with health, yoga, and beauty on one plane, while on the other plane there have been a lot of dark places with substance abuse and unhealthy behavior. Over the past few years I have been able to let go of the old patterns and really embrace this great life for all that it can be. I still have a few things that I have been working on and your words saturday really gave me what I needed to take the final steps I need to. Thank you Mike for your amazing energy and friendship. I look forward to seeing you soon!
In love, gratitude, and radiant light



Thanks for your email. I so enjoyed meeting you and Charlotte and practicing at Pranava. What a wonderful place you have. I will definitely be back as much as I can when in the Springs.




Having Natasha decide to come to your class Friday was pretty much icing on the cake for my New Year. Yoga asana and breathing, plus the people we meet during practice, are truly wonderful things to share with your children. Having her get to take a class from you was really cool because you are especially engaging and fun; I know I learned a lot from you.

I’ll hope to see you soon and in the meantime I’ll remember to breathe while I breathe!






Hi all,
This is Kurry, Mary's friend from CA. I wanted to pass along my gratitude...you both were so gracious when I visited during Thanksgiving. I really got a lot out of each class and wanted to let you know that those two classes were the highlights (and gifts!) of my trip.

I hope you have lovely holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Warm wishes,



Charlotte and Mike,

Just want to say Thank You for all of the time and assistance you have shown me so far. You both are so friendly and kind, and have taken your time to show me the poses and encourage me every step of the way. The individual attention and compassion is so appreciated!

Thanks again - see you soon!

Jane :)



Hello Mike!

Thank you so much for being so loving and kind when I walked through the door of your center this morning. Allison was such a loving, nurturing presence in the class. I appreciated her very much.

I also have a studio in town (in my back yard downtown!!!, next to our urban farm!!!).

Thank you again. I plan to come some time tomorrow also.

With gratitude,





"Hey guys, just wanted to say hello and I MISS YOU!!!!!! Namaste,Will"


Atmosphere and space is fitting for a yoga practice.
An exceptional offering of yoga classes and times.
Warm, friendly and compassionate staff.
Highly recommended.


Posted by: cbeard, 6/10/2009

I love the teachers and I always feel refreshed and revived after a class. I would highly recommend Pranava Yoga Center.


Posted by: demiblacklidge, 6/5/2009

Awesome instructors, great facility!


Posted by: rbatt, 6/5/2009

Knowledgable and personable instructors anad a peacefeul, mindful atmosphere...


Posted by: stephrob, 6/5/2009

Mike and Charlotte, the owners, are an inspiration to all yogis. I would highly recommend their studio to anyone from novices to experts.


Posted by: sascott, 6/5/2009

Community, diversity, and FUN!!


Posted by:, 5/26/2009

The instructors at Pranava are the most encouraging, and the energy is the most positive of any studio I've ever been to.


Posted by: Kattrina, 5/18/2009

The instructors are wonderful. It is an amazing studio, and you are always made to feel welcome.


Posted by: ddmilburn, 5/16/2009

I'm home at Pranava Yoga Center whereas other yoga establishments felt more like going to the gym. Mike and Charlotte are an asset to the Colorado Springs area.


Posted by: davidsacko, 5/14/2009

Charlotte and Mike are wonderful!


Posted by: athaya, 5/14/2009

Top notch owners and teachers with a holistic and healthy approach.


Posted by: filmicnyc, 5/13/2009

Mike and Charlotte have created more than a business at Pranava, they have assembled a community, as widely varied, spritually inspired and gob smackingly flexible as anyone could wish for....if you haven't tried class at Pranava...GO!!!


Posted by: calliope13, 5/12/2009

Pranava Yoga Center is amazing. From the second that I walked through the door I felt welcome and part of the community. Mike and Charlotte work hard to make everyone feel welcome from knowing every single person's name who walks through the door to their wall of yogis. Not only is is a great environment the yoga itself is great too. I have never worked so hard in a yoga class. They offer a wide range of classes from the basics, which is perfectly paced for first time yoga goers, to the challenging Dharma Mittra classes where you learn how to do inversions. There really is something for everyone. My favorite class is Charlotte's 6:30 am Vinyasa class. Charlotte is a wonderful teacher who teaches to everyone's level in every class she teaches. Mike brings humor and comfort to every class he teaches. I'm so glad that I found this yoga center and I plan on going there as long as I live in Colorado Springs.


Posted by: whoisjohngalt18, 5/12/2009

They are what a yoga studio would be like in heaven, so clean, loving, fun, and excellent in every way imaginable.


Posted by: jcooke, 5/11/2009

Awesome yoga studio with wonderful teachers. Very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Love this place!


Posted by: waterbaby110, 5/11/2009

Best teachers in Colorado Springs. It's the studio that teachers practice at.


Posted by: er567, 5/11/2009

The positive and open atmosphere created by Mike, Charlotte, and all the other instructors is something rarely found in American yoga studios. If you live in town, moving to town, or just traveling through (like me), Pranava Yoga Center should be on the top of anyone's list to try.


Posted by: Che007, 5/11/2009

Very friendly, highly experienced and skilled teachers, relaxed community-friendly feel, lots of scheduling options, good location with easy parking, reasonable pricing. If you are brand new to yoga or have been practicing for years, I think Pranava will met your needs!


Posted by: Marymaclean, 5/11/2009

A good friend got me to try yoga and now I am totally hooked! Charlotte is one of the nicest people I have ever met! Her teaching methods make it easy for someone like me who never thought they would do yoga. She helps you see that yoga is about self discovery and internal peace and happiness. Its not about who can do it better or even how good you are, its about learning and getting to know yourself better then you could have ever imagined you could! The people at PYC are amazing and I am very thankful we came into each others lives!


Posted by: growlinbearman, 5/11/2009




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