Pranava Yoga Center is Closed

As of December 31, 2020, Pranava Yoga Center is permanently closed. Please visit our Teachers page if you would like contact information for any of the extraordinary PYC instructors.

A Message from PYC


I bow to you.

I bow to you, Pranava’s teachers and practitioners, in gratitude for allowing me to play a role in this beautiful community, for inviting me into your life, and for being an incredibly important part of mine for the last nine years and counting. I bow to you in gratitude for all that you’ve taught me, for your support, and for your love. I bow to you in thanks for blessing me with the opportunity to create memories with this community that will last a lifetime. I bow to the Divine light that IS you and thank you for EVERYTHING.

Jon and I hope that 2021 brings hope, health, love, peace, and joy to you and yours!

With all of our love and deepest gratitude,
Hethyr and Jon