Part I Forms:

Online Application Part I/Part I Exemption

Verification of Clinical Neurophysiology Training

Verification of NIOM Training

Scanner Form for Part I - PDF


Part II Forms:

Online Application Part II

Scanner Form for Part II - PDF


Recertification Forms

Online Recertification Application

Recertification CME Documentation Form - DOC


Other Forms

Employer Verification of Credentials

New Certificate Order Form - DOC PDF

Make a Donation - DOC PDF

Special Accommodation Form - PDF

Fee Schedule

Non-refundable on-time Application Fee (must be sent with application) $250.00
Part I Examination $550.00
Part II Examination (per track selected) $550.00
Recertification CME Option (submission due every 3 years) $200.00
Recertification Exam Option $550.00